Charlotte Beecham is a police constable who received her warrant card alongside Donna Windsor-Dingle in February 2007, and worked alongside Donna and Ross Kirk at Hotten Police Station. She went after Sam Dingle in January 2008 when Sam performed an armed robbery at Pollard's Factory, and investigated Miles De Souza's claims in March 2008, that Nicola De Souza was trying to kill her husband Donald, which Donald denied. The next day, she investigated the armed robbery of Brenda MacFarlane's club.

Donna discovered that Charlotte had also been sexually harassed by Shane Doyle, and tried to convince Charlotte to report him, but Charlotte refused. Later in December 2008 when Shane went missing, the pair broke into his flat but their search ended abruptly when Aaron Livesy reported them to the police. No disciplinary action was taken, and Charles Vaughan ordered them to search Shane's flat. They found drugs, proving that he was a corrupt cop and Vaughan ordered them to stop at nothing to find him. The pair couldn't find him until a body was found in the Home Farm lake, later identified to be Shane's.

Charlotte arrested Cain Dingle for theft in May 2009 but he was released as he was a police informant, and four years later, she was a part of the police search party to find Chas Dingle when she stabbed Diane Sugden in November 2015.

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