Charlotte 'Charlie' Cairns arrived in Emmerdale in February 1997 with her family. She is the eldest of Tony and Becky Cairns' three children. When her younger sister Emma gave birth to a baby a month later, she was devastated to learn her boyfriend, Greg Cox, was the father. She kneed him in the groin. This betrayal led to Charlie's departure in July.


"Watch out for Geri, Em. Because with you two as parents, she's going to turn out to be a creepy little bitch. I only hope she does the same to you as you've done to me" (to Emma Cairns after discovering Emma got pregnant by her boyfriend Greg Cox)
"There's nothing left to say, except you and your brat have destroyed everything for me. You've driven me out of my own home. Happy with yourself?" (to Emma Cairns after leaving home)
"Sorry." (Final line to Tony and Becky Cairns)

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