Cheryl is Eric Pollard and his late wife Val's dog. Eric bought Cheryl as a Christmas present for Val in 2012 and she named her dog after Cheryl Cole.

In February 2013, Jacob Gallagher lost Cheryl when he was taking her out for a walk but David Metcalfe found her. A few months later Cheryl injured her paw on barbed wire whilst out walking with Alicia Metcalfe. After Val's death, Eric asked local vet Paddy Kirk to put her down so David and Alicia's sister Leyla Harding took turns at looking after Cheryl. David took gave Eric a box of ashes and told him that he had found a vet that was willing to put Cheryl down, although the box was really filled with wood ash and Cheryl was perfectly fine. Eric came to his senses and stopped pushing people away when Cheryl escaped the house in December 2015, and she continues to live with Eric at Pollard's Barn today.

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