Cheryl Foster was the wife of Graham Foster until her death in a car accident.

Graham and Cheryl met and slept together, resulting in Cheryl falling pregnant. Although Graham didn't love Cheryl, he did the decent thing in his eyes and married her. Graham took leave around Cheryl's due date, and one day dropped her off at her baby shower. Graham made the poor decision of getting drunk at the pub, and driving Cheryl home. Unfortunately on the way home, Graham lost control of the car and ended up crashing into a tree. Instead of calling emergency services, Graham rang his lover Kim Tate but the car exploded, subsequently killing Cheryl and the baby.

Cheryl was mentioned by Graham in March 2018, when he confesses to Debbie Dingle that he was responsible for her death. Graham also had flashbacks to the accident and visions of Cheryl in July 2018.

Cheryl's death is rather unclear. In March 2018, Graham told Debbie that Cheryl died when he lost control of the car around a bend and flipped the car. However, during flashback scenes in July 2018, Graham collided with a tree and Cheryl was killed when the car exploded.

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