Chloe Bails is the second wife of Mark Bails, and the mother to his son and daughter; Luke and Molly.

Charity Dingle watched the family go into their house from their car in May 2018, and wasn't spotted by either Chloe nor Mark. Chloe was shocked when Charity publically accused Mark of raping and abusing her as a child but remained loyal to her husband. In late May it was revealed that she was pregnant with the pair's third child. 

During Bails's trial in September 2018, Chloe lied in court for him, telling them that Charity had been stalking her family and making threats, making them scared for their children, thus Bails had tried to pay Charity off to make her leave them alone. She also claimed she had spotted Charity on numerous occasions and had kept a log of every time she saw her. Despite Chloe's attempts at clearing her husband's name, he was found guilty and sentenced to thirty years in prison. 

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