Christine Sharp (previously Sugden) is the first wife of Joe Sugden.

Christine arrived in the village in 1973. In early 1974 traveller Dryden Hogben began to be friendly with her and Joe mistook this as him trying to seduce her. Dry assured him that he was being friendly. Christine wanted to marry Joe on the 29th June which is the day her soldier maternal grandfather married. By chance, Joe met Christine's father Robert Sharp and he advised against them marrying as he warned that Christine was too ambitious and would not take to being a farmer's wife. Robert was thinking of Joe more than his daughter. Joe and Christine went ahead and married in September 1974. Her father did not attend the wedding. Christine started buying things on her dad's credit card bill and was very meticulous about minor scratches in furniture, and she was not happy being a farmer's wife. This caused rows between her and Joe. Only months after marrying Joe, Christine left due to Joe's lack of ambition, and her father was right all along. Robert even hounded Joe, wanting to know where Christine is. Joe saw her with an old boyfriend Alan Baines. Christine later split from Alan. Robert paid Joe another visit and said that she should not have left Joe.

Christine returned two years later in March 1976, hoping for a new start with Joe but when he asked for a divorce, she left Beckindale for good. Over the next 19 years, Joe mentioned Christine a few times, such as in 1988 and 1991. He even wished he had stayed with her. In October 1993, Annie said the hat she wore at her wedding to Leonard Kempinski was the same hat she wore at Joe's wedding to Christine in 1974.

In 1995, Christine sent flowers to Joe's funeral.


"Good afternoon." (first line)

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