Cindy Bunton was an actress that posed as Donald De Souza's nurse in February and March 2008. Following Donald leaving hospital after a brain haemorrhage, Cindy was hired to look after him while he recovered. However, Donald hired Cindy to annoy his wife Nicola, whom he knew had an affair with David Metcalfe, who flirted with Cindy himself, much to Nicola's irritation. After a few weeks, Nicola learned the true nature of Cindy's employment. She tried her best to use Cindy in her plan to kill Donald. This included one attempt where Cindy took pills meant for Donald in a set-up where Cindy would have taken the blame. When Donald discovered all this, he made Nicola leave his house. Cindy, meanwhile, left the village as she was no longer needed by Donald and was keen to move on.

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