Clive is Leyla Harding's conman fiancé who shared a prison cell with Frank Clayton for several years.

Clive was sent to prison where he shared a cell with experienced conman Frank Clayton, who taught Clive all he knew about the art of conning. After Clive was released from prison, he ended up in Greece. Clive became engaged to a woman named Suzie. The pair hired Leyla Harding to plan their wedding but soon Leyla and Clive embarked on an affair. Suzie was furious when she found out and split with Clive before taking her experience to Twitter, putting Take A Vow's Greek branch out of business. Leyla returned to Emmerdale, with expensive jewellery Clive had given her - which turned out to be Suzie's. In October 2018, Suzie confronted Leyla and took her jewellery back, and Leyla blocked Clive on social media, her phone etc., resulting in Clive coming to the village. Clive managed to explain away giving Leyla Suzie's jewellery by insisting he was entitled to it as Suzie had maxed out his credit cards and sold his car. Suzie got revenge by posting negative comments about Leyla's business Take A Vow but Clive managed to make it up to Leyla.

In November 2018, Clive met Eleanor Carlow at an art exhibition and lied that he worked for Peter Chastain, a famous (unseen) artist, and that he could get her one of his paintings. Clive and Frank booked a room in The Grange to keep the con a secret but Leyla, who had believed Clive was cheating on her, discovered their con and decided she wanted in. Clive managed to get Eleanor to purchase the painting for £120,000 but Eleanor said she'd only pay up if Chastain himself handed her the painting, as he always met his clients. Frank was angry and refused to pretend to be Chastain when asked by Clive.

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