Clive Simmons was a journalist who reported on the plane crash in May 1994. He arrives in the village to see Lynn Whiteley, and tells her that Gavin Watson told him to see her. Lynn isn't interested in answering his questions. He asks Viv Windsor about the village getting a name change, but she throws him out of the post office. He later informs everyone at the Woolpack that the coroner had given his verdict at the plane crash inquest - accidental death.

Clive returns in June 1994 to report on the Home Farm siege. He again goes to Lynn for a version on the events, and is angrily confronted by Vic Windsor, who's wife is being held hostage in the siege. Vic unknowingly gives him a confirmation of events. He later decides to write about Frank Tate throwing Eric Pollard out of Victoria Cottage, planning on displaying it as a member of the welfare fund kicking out a trauma victim. Eric uses Clive's story into blackmailing Frank and Frank agrees to get the cottage independently valued and sells it to Eric for 10% profit. Eric's step-son Michael Feldmann approaches Clive, telling him that he has a story for him. Michael delves into Eric's past and reveals that Eric has a lot of debt. He tries to attend Shirley Turner's funeral, but Lynn sends him to the wrong crematorium.

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