Clyde was Aaron Livesy's dog.

Aaron and Paddy Kirk found Clyde tied up and starving at Mr Merryhew's farm in April 2009. Mr Merryhew was unable to take care of Clyde due to his age so he asked Paddy to put him down. Aaron asks to keep Clyde, which Paddy and Aaron's mum Chas Dingle were initially not happy with. Edna Birch is not happy when Clyde attacks her much smaller dog Tootsie and demands Clyde be put down. They eventually agree that Aaron can keep the dog as long as he wears a muzzle until he is house trained.

In September 2010, Clyde is attacked by a larger dog. Aaron finds Clyde full of bite marks and rush him into the Vet's Surgery. Paddy tells Aaron that Clyde has lost a lot of blood and it would be best for Clyde if he is put down. Aaron begs Paddy to do something to help Clyde, but he can't so Paddy puts Clyde down with Aaron at his side.

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