Colin MacFarlane is a businessman who sleeps with Chas Dingle.

Chas Dingle and Lexi Nicholls are in an upmarket hotel and when they see Colin, they decide to have a bet - who can sleep with Colin. The loser will have to pay for their room there. Lexi soon gets drunk, and turns Colin off, however Chas makes her move and the two go to his room. The following morning, Chas wakes up in Colin's bed to find he has died. She and Lexi decide to make a run for it, although Lexi steals his wallet. The police later question them, while Colin's wife Brenda thanks them for killing her husband.

Colin MacFarlane was credited as 'Colin McFarlane' although in subsequent appearances, other members the MacFarlane family were credited as 'MacFarlane'.

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