Cully Hotson is the husband of Mrs. Hotson and the father of Wendy Hotson. After the farmer's social night in March 1979, Wendy was raped by an unknown man. Despite the police trying to find out who the rapist was, Colly still went out for blood and started his own investigation, and even suspects village elder Japper Latimer. Colly then suspects Poor Ocker and grabs him in The Woolpack, but is pulled off by Smarty Garret. However, when Joe Sugden drives a man into the village, Kitty Ferris notices he is wearing a coat matching the description of the rapist. He jumps out of the car and Joe runs after him, and eventually so does Matt Skilbeck. He runs past Cully who also finds the coat matches the description, and goes after him, but the man runs into the path of Ocker and Smarty's motorbike and is hit. The man dies of his injuries the next day. Colly finds out from Bob Jerome that the rapist had been released two days prior to Wendy's rape, having spent two years in prison for sexual crimes. Colly feels sad that him chasing someone caused their death, despite what the person did to his daughter.

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