Connor is Dawn's pimp. Connor was furious to find Dawn out of it in April 2018 after she took the drugs Ross Barton gave her. Connor then tracks down Ross, and beats up his brother Pete Barton when Pete claims to not know Ross. Ross walks in on this and grabs Connor, throwing him out.

Ross later meets with Connor, and Connor goads Ross into flooring him with a punch, after which Ross offered Connor £200 for information on Simon McManus's whereabouts. Connor gets Ross to show how desperate he is by holding onto drugs for him. Connor is furious when Ross's car is stolen with the drugs inside but Debbie Dingle manages to retrieve it. However, when Debbie blows her top and goes off on one at Connor, Connor punches her in the face (witnessed by Ross, Diane Sugden and Doug Potts) before leaving.

Episode 3695
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In October 2018, Connor returned to the village and told Joe Tate to tell him where Graham Foster was, or he'd kill Joe. Joe brought Graham back to the village where Connor held Graham hostage up at Home Farm. When Joe returned, he found the living room a mess, blood on the table and no sign of Connor nor Graham. Graham confronted Joe and showed Joe that he had Connor's phone and that Connor won't be coming for them again, suggesting that Connor might have been killed.

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