Craig Briggs is a farmer, and the husband of Sandra Briggs. Craig bought the land which Tom King wanted to purchase for the Kings River Showhome in September 2005. As a result, Max King went to talk to the Briggs about the land, and used his charm on Sandra. When she discovered he was a vet, Sandra asks Max to come up to the farm to look at their calves. However, unknown to them, Max plans to sabotage the farm by dramatically increasing the dosage of a drug to put in the calves' feed. Paddy and Max are urgently called up to the farm to find nearly all the calves dead, with the alive ones dying. Paddy was shocked to find that his signature was on the prescription for a fatal dosage, and got the blame. Craig realises Paddy wasn't entirely to blame and throws Max up against a filing cabinet, threatening him. Craig is forced to sell his land but refuses to forgive Max, and is not even sympathetic when a guiltily fleeing Max is killed in a car accident and explosion in October 2005. However, when Craig gets the insurance money, Sandra is furious that he spent it on a new car, as she wanted to start a family, and even more so when Craig secretly puts the rest of his money into the King's housing development. Sandra continues to fume at Craig for helping the Kings, even though they were behind the dead animals. The strain on their marriage is worsened when Craig forces Sandra to help on the farm, causing her to be sacked by Eric Pollard.

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