Craig Calder is the eldest of Maggie Calder’s children. He supported his parents during the break up of their marriage. Craig is lazy, but still considers others. He loves Maggie and Lucy, and tries to get on with Phil.

Craig appeared with the rest of his family in November 2001. He wasn’t happy with the living arrangements, but that was soon made up for when he took a look around the village and was impressed by Chloe Atkinson.

After Chloe started working at the holiday village he flirted with her, making Scott Windsor a little jealous. But Chloe gave him the brush off.

In 2002, when Jess left he was a little upset. Craig had wanted the new family to work out – but it hadn’t.

After Maggie had a fling with Rodney Blackstock, and Phil left, Lucy and Craig left for Scotland with their mother.

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