Crocodile Dingle is the father of Wendy, Jed Dingle and at least five other sons. Some of Crocodile's sons were killed by crocodiles.

In 1997, Zak Dingle and some of the Emmerdale Dingles decided to take a trip to Australia to hunt for their long-lost relative Crocodile Dingle. Zak asked a man where they might be able to find "Crocy", but the man cleared his throat and shied away, just as a man was thrown through a window at the pub during a big fight. Zak asked a barman for Crocodile Dingle, attracting the attention of the drinkers. Crocodile emerged from behind the door and revealed that all the drinkers were his sons (and that he had a few more before the crocodiles got them). The Australian Dingles took Zak and Butch to his house, and when Crocodile found out that Zak was Ebenezer Dingle's great-great-great-great-grandson, he punched Zak. He revealed that Ebenezer's brother Nathaniel Dingle was set up and falsely convicted of sheep stealing, and as a result, the Australian Dingles developed a hatred for the Emmerdale Dingles. However, when Zak revealed he had managed to smuggle bacon in, and Butch said that the loads of beer was also for them, they calmed down a bit but tied Zak and Butch to a tree.

Zak's daughter Wendy developed the hots for Butch, despite her father's strong disapproval. Wendy went to hit on Butch but Crocodile stopped her.

Crocodile went to the airport and handed a police officer some bacon Zak had smuggled into the country.

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