Crossgill Farm was a farm located in Beckindale. In 1987, Matt Skilbeck befriends the previous owner, Mr Metcalfe. Metcalfe lived in poverty on the farm and neglected his animals. Metcalfe hinted that his long since deceased wife Mary Metcalfe is buried on Crossgill land, and admitted that he accidentally killed her when she wanted to leave him 40 years earlier. Mr Metcalfe died in the house on the 5th of November and his body was discovered by Matt on the 12th. Among Mr Metcalfe's documents was a sales invoice, saying he bought the farmhouse in 1942 for £500. Matt later discovers that he has inherited Crossgill Farm from Mr Metcalfe and his wife, Dolly tries to convince him to move into the farm but Matt refuses. Dolly later embarks on an affair, causing the end of their marriage.

In May 1988, Annie Sugden discovers one of the rooms on fire. When the room explodes, she is trapped and has to be saved by Phil Pearce, who later turns out to have caused the fire after leaving burning rags inside. Matt decides to not have the farm repaired, and the fate of the farm is unknown as Matt left Beckindale in 1989.

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