Cynthia Daggert and her son, Danny, only arrived in Emmerdale in June, but already their troubles are piling up. Life got seriously out of hand for the family when Cynthia's heavily pregnant daughter, Latisha, joined them. Meanwhile, Cynthia came to blows with Carol Wareing in The Woolpack and the misfortune continued when Latisha goes into labour before even finding her family. Luckily, Jason Kirk happened to be passing and found himself delivering the baby. Cynthia didn't agree with Latisha's choice of boyfriend, and they had argued about that. But when Latisha's relationship went pear shaped she decided to visit her mum. It made Cynthia more determined to solve their problems.

After Carol Waring had shown the family the door at the B&B, they were taken in by Bernice and Ashley Thomas. However, the presence of Latisha's new baby jeopardised this arrangement, adding to Cynthia's trials. Cynthia was unaware that Bernice has suffered a miscarriage. She only found out after asking if Latisha and the baby can stay and she's absolutely mortified. So Cynthia told the kids to look for anything going, and when Danny found an unused holiday cottage, Cynthia reluctantly moved the family in as squatters - although she really didn't want to break the law. However, the police soon arrived at the cottage following a tip-off. When Cynthia discovered it was Carol who gave them the information, the pair's already stormy relationship reached flashpoint and they came to blows in The Woolpack.

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