DC Henry is the detective constable, who along with DS Hart, investigate when Robert Sugden is shot.

DC Henry and DS Hart go to The Woolpack to talk to Chas Dingle, who was arguing with Robert when he was shot, but her son Aaron Livesy, insists that they need to come back later. DC Henry and DS Henry then go to the hospital and talk to Robert's family, where Robert's step-mother Diane tells them that they are worried about Robert's brother Andy. Robert's father-in-law Lawrence then tells them about Andy's violet temper.

DS Hart and DC Henry return to talk to Chas about the shooting but she is unable to tell them anything. DC Henry later talks to Kerry Wyatt in the café, where Priya Sharma tells him about Robert's affair with Aaron and how Robert's wife Chrissie was left humiliated. After learning about the affair DC Henry briefly talks to Aaron about his relationship with Robert. DC Henry then goes round to Mulberry Cottage to ask Andy's daughter Sarah to give the police her phone as Andy tried to call her, she initially refuses but eventually handed over the phone. DC Henry and DS Hart interview Andy later that day after he is arrested but he refuses to talk to them until he knows what Robert's chances of survival are. Andy is cleared when he reveals that he was in a psychiatric unit at the time of the shooting.

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