DC Khan investigated when Chrissie White reported that £50,000 had been stolen from her bank account in January 2017. Chrissie explained that someone had stolen her passport, pretended to be her and stole the money. Whilst DC Khan's colleague searched the drawer where Chrissie kept her passport, DC Khan asks Chrissie about her son, Lachlan, who was in a young offenders institute. DC Khan's colleague found Chrissie's passport in the drawer which left DC Khan unconvinced that a crime even took place, especially as Chrissie didn't have an alibi from when the money was withdrawn.

In October 2018, DC Khan arrested Debbie Dingle for procuring GBH with intent due to her involvement in Ross Barton's acid attack six months prior. During the subsequent interview, Debbie admitted to enlisting Simon McManus to beat up her former boyfriend, Joe Tate, but Simon got the wrong man. Debbie asserted that if she knew Simon was going to used acid, she would've put a stop to it.

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