DC Osborne assisted Rhona Goskirk after she was raped by her husband, Pierce Harris, on her wedding day. After the attack, Rhona managed to make her way to Hotten Police Station whilst still wearing her wedding dress where she reported she was raped. Osborne spoke to Rhona, who admitted she knew her attacker, but refused to name him. Rhona wanted to go home, but instead Osborne suggested she attended a Sexual Assault Referral Centre to get examined and collect evidence so that in the future if she named her attacker the evidence would be there. The following day, Rhona was interviewed by Sue, a SOIT Officer, but Rhona stopped the interview as she couldn't stand being looked at with pity and like a victim.

Nearly two months later, Rhona managed to work up the courage to name Pierce as her attacker. Supported by friend Vanessa Woodfield, Rhona returned to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre where her interview was restarted. As a result, Pierce was arrested and subsequently charged with rape in July.

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