DI Drake investigated the murder of Carl King in October 2012. DI Drake questioned Debbie Dingle, Cain Dingle and Cameron Murray about their whereabouts when the murder took place, but all had alibis. DI Drake later questioned Jimmy King when DS Shawcross arrested him after being told about the fight by Bob Hope between Carl and Jimmy. DI Drake used this information to establish Jimmy a motive, but is forced to let Jimmy go when he didn't even know how Carl was killed. DI Drake questioned Chas Dingle when she confessed to killing Carl, telling him that she confronted Carl as he was blackmailing her and she struck him with a brick in self-defence. When Chas's wedding band is found next to Carl's body, Chas is charged.

In December 2012, Cameron (the real culprit) begins to feel guilty and tries to get Chas off the hook. The detective didn't believe him as he didn't have any evidence to back up his claims.

Eighteen years after playing Charlie Aindow, David Fleeshman played DI Drake.

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