DS Griffiths investigated when Rhona Goskirk accused her husband Pierce Harris of raping her on their wedding night.

Rhona reported that she was raped in April 2017 and she visited a Sexual Assault Referral Centre where she was checked over and forensics were taken. She was also interviewed but at the time she didn't name Pierce as her attacker. After coming face to face with Pierce two months later, Rhona found the courage to name him as her attacker and Pierce was subsequently arrested. Griffiths interviewed Pierce the following day. During the interview, Pierce lied that the sex was consensual and made out that Rhona was an untrustworthy addict who took drugs on their wedding night. Griffiths poked holes in Pierce's story by revealing the toxicology report showed no signs of drugs in Rhona system on the day of the attack. Despite this, Pierce was let go.

A few days after interviewing Pierce, Griffiths spoke with Vanessa Woodfield and Paddy Kirk about Rhona and Pierce's relationship. Both of them told Griffiths that they thought Pierce was controlling and manipulative.

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