DS Webb investigated the death of Harry Mowlam in January 1986. Harry had fallen down a bank and into a river during a fight with Matt Skilbeck. Matt, believing that he was the last person to see Harry and therefore must have killed him, turned himself in to the police and was arrested. After questioning Matt, DS Webb charged him with murder. However, Matt later finds and points out that the fight took place a few metres from where Harry's body was found, and that neither he nor the current would be strong enough to move Harry down that far, and Matt was subsequently acquitted of his murder charge.

In April 1986, DS Webb arrested Keith Johnson for armed robbery, however Derek Warner got away. Derek took Donald Hinton hostage in the Vicarage and the officers tried to call Derek to negotiate, only enraging Derek who ended up cutting off contact. Donald managed to convince Derek to give himself up, and Derek and Donald walked out of the Vicarage, and Derek was arrested. Derek also confessed to the murder of Harry, getting Matt off the hook entirely.

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