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Dale View is a three-bedroomed home located Main Street in Emmerdale. It is currently vacant.

Ms. Curtis owned the cottage in 1999, hiring Kelly Glover as her cleaner. Kelly stole jewellery from the cottage and her husband Roy took the blame, going to prison. Ms. Curtis fired Kelly and sometime later sold the cottage.

In 2013, Kerry Wyatt accidentally set the house on fire whilst she was drunk, gutting the house.

The Barton family, including James Barton, his sons Pete, Ross and Finn moved into Dale View and were eventually joined by James' wife Emma when they reconciled and Ross' son Moses in 2015. Dale View was the home of Barton Brothers Taxis in 2017 a business set up by Pete, Ross and Finn. One by one the Bartons left with James dying in 2016 and Finn and Emma the following year. Pete and Ross moved out in 2018, leaving the house empty. 

In 2019 landlady Kim Tate had to delay putting the house up for lease, as black mold was found.

Wendy Posner started renting the house in December 2019 with her son Luke, who moved out in June 2021. In October 2020 landlord Jamie Tate tried to evict the Posners so his ex-wife and daughter could live there, however when Andrea found out Jamie was evicting the Posners for her to move in, she and Wendy came to an agreement in which Andrea and Millie would move in alongside the mother and son. In 2021 after Luke had moved out Wendy took in the previously homeless Ben Tucker and let him lodge in Lukes old room. After Andrea's death in October 2021, Millies grandmother Kim Tate moved her up to Home Farm.

In December 2021, Manpreet Sharma moves in with Wendy, and spends Christmas Day with her sister Meena Jutla. During the day, the sisters have an argument which leads to a confrontation behind The Woolpack. Meena then decides to kill Manpreet with a glass bottle, but before she can do anything, the pub explodes, knocking them both unconscious. They both survive, and Manpreet pretends that she forgot everything which lead up to the explosion. Meena then decides to look after Manpreet, keeping her under close surveillance. Meena discovers that Manpreet lied about losing her memory, so furiously attacks her, and then ties her to the bed. Whilst she is there, Meena tells her about all her crimes. When Meena discovers that Wendy is returning home, she moves Manpreet to an abandoned barn, where she also tries to kill Vinny Dingle. The two are rescued by Liam Cavanagh, who knocks Meena unconscious. Following her ordeal, Manpreet moves out of Dale View, and goes to live with her ex, Charles Anderson, and they give there relationship another go.


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