DS Dan Campbell is a police officer who worked undercover to get access to Alex Oakwell's criminal associates in November 1998. Dan posed as a criminal and helped Alex get a package which would incriminate him and everyone else involved. Dan returned the scarf that Kathy Glover accidentally dropped, and bumped into her in the elevators in which he flirted with her.

Dan and Kathy eventually meet again in the casino, where Dan buys Kathy a drink and the pair have a chat. Dan asks Kathy to show her around the city, to which Kathy agrees. However, Marlon begins to have suspicions about Dan and is worried that Kathy may get hurt. Dan and Kathy go out to dinner, where Dan presents a bracelet he bought her. They agree to a date the next night.

Dan had Roy Glover beaten up after Alex was concerned at how Roy was catching onto him. Afterwards, the courier tells Dan that the package will be received that night, and Dan instructs the courier to deliver the package to his warehouse.

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