Daniel John "Dan" McHerron is the fiancée of Sharon Lambert.

Val Lambert, Sharon's mother, finds out about the engagement in a magazine. Val goes to meet Sharon at Skipdale Hall, and later gets very drunk with Dan. When Sharon walks on Val and Dan drunk, a huge arguments starts, where Sharon says that Val slept with her first boyfriend when she was 15 and the boyfriend was 17. Val is thrown out, and is persuaded by local journalist John McNally to go for a drink with him. The following morning the entire affair is in Hotten Courier.

Dan later arrives in the Woolpack, having cancelled a date with Sharon the night before saying he had a press conference. However, Rodney Blackstock sees a photo of Dan and two other women in the paper. Val decides not to tell Sharon, however, the wedding ends in disaster and the pair do not marry as Sharon is revealed as a gold digger.

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