Daniel Thomas (also referred to as Daniel Doland-Thomas) was the biological son of Greg and Melanie Doland. Due to a mix up at the hospital, Daniel went home with Laurel and Ashley Thomas while Ashley and Laurel's son, Arthur Thomas went home with Greg and Melanie.

On 21st February 2008, Laurel went to check on baby Daniel but she found him not breathing in his cot. Ashley performed CPR while waiting for the paramedics but he was pronounced dead. After Daniel's death, the doctor told the Thomas' that Daniel's blood type was not compatible with Laurel's. Two months after Daniel's death, Laurel's mother Hilary became suspicious that the Dolands were raising her grandson. The Dolands tried to flee the country when they found out but they eventually returned. In June 2008 the court awarded custody of Arthur to Laurel and Ashley.

Daniel's godfather Shadrach Dingle kept a photograph of Daniel in his wallet until his own death in 2010.

Background information

  • Daniel was the first character in Emmerdale to have both an on-screen birth and an on-screen death. The only other character to have an on-screen birth and death is Grace Dingle
  • Daniel's grave refers to him with the double-barreled surname "Doland-Thomas", referring to his true parentage.
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