Daniel "Danny" Harrington is the ex-boyfriend of Sarah Sugden who she originally met online in September 2019.

Danny met Sarah in real life and they got along well but he was soon scared off by Sarah's relatives when they caught them skipping off school. When Sarah confessed to her granny Charity that meeting Danny was the only thing she had to look forward to as she knows she'll die young due to her illness, she felt bad for ruining that and tracked Danny down, surprising Sarah who was overjoyed when he turned up.

In November 2019, Danny went to a party at Sarah's house and gave her a pill of PMA and after he asked Sarah to hold on to some drugs for him and she agreed. However, Noah Dingle, who found the drugs in Sarah's bag and initially tried to warn her off them as well as Danny in general, eventually took the drugs after being told some harsh words from Sarah, landing him in the hospital. 

In January 2020, Danny attempted to get Sarah to sell drugs for him, claiming that he would be beaten up if he didn't. Sarah initially refused, but decided to accept his offer. Danny took her to the area in which he wanted her to deal, and while there, she came into contact with one of Danny’s mates, who proceeded to reveal that he got his injury from falling off a bike, not from a beating. Feeling betrayed and used, Sarah set Danny up, by leaving the drugs in Danny’s jacket after she’d asked him for it due to the cold weather, and in a shock twist, reported him to the police. 

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