Daphne is the chairperson of Connelton Primary School's PTA. Headteacher Jessie Grant brought Daphne to Rhona Goskirk's fundraising bake sale, in order raise funds to prevent her son Leo losing his much needed teaching assistant. When Daphne makes a few comments about Rhona's bake sale, it winds up Rhona's former husband Paddy Kirk, who quickly puts her in place.

Daphne met up with Rhona, Marlon and Karen in July 2018 to plan for Jessie's leaving party. Daphne took a fancy to Marlon and began flirting with him. Jessie arrived and informed Rhona and Karen that Roger had left Daphne, running away with a dentist the week prior. Marlon began to like Daphne, who was clearly in love with Marlon. At Jessie's leaving party, Daphne kept flirting with Marlon, to the jealousy of Jessie. Jessie told Daphne that Marlon was dating and a furious Daphne insulted Marlon's cooking before storming off.

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