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David Edward 'Dave' Glover was the husband of Kathy Bates. Before marrying Kathy, Dave had an affair with Kim Tate.


David arrives in the village in August 1994 with his parents and younger siblings; Roy and Linda. He is given a job as a farmhand at Home Farm by Frank Tate.

Dave begins an affair with Kim Tate.

Dave became good friends with Biff Fowler, Nick Bates and Luke McAllister. In 1995, Dave grows close to Kathy Tate and starts a relationship with her after supporting her through her divorce. However, he begins an affair with his employer Frank Tate's wife Kim in July 1995, unaware that Frank knows. They are caught out when Frank gives Dave a cottage on the estate and has microphones and cameras planted inside. Frank walks in on them and sacks Dave. Kim then moves Dave into Home Farm, but he becomes fed up of the bickering between her and Frank. Dave and Kim move out and his father, Ned, disowns him. Kim realises she is pregnant and Frank starts divorce proceedings. Frank then offers Kim £1 million to leave Dave and move back into Home Farm. Kim returns to Frank, telling Dave that he is not the father of her child.

Kim gives birth to a boy, who she names James. Dave remains in love with Kim and believes he is James' father, but when Frank does not let him near Kim, Dave turns to his ex-lover, Kathy. They begin a relationship and Kathy proposes to Dave, who accepts. They marry at a registry office in secret. Kim decides to leave the village with James and she persuades Dave to go with her.

Dave decides to leave Linda's wedding reception to meet Kim at Home Farm. Frank returns and he confronts Dave and Kim. They suddenly notice a fire has broken out in the nursery and Dave runs in to save James, who manages to get out through a window. Dave becomes trapped by the fire, but he is eventually rescued. He is rushed to hospital, where his family keep a bedside vigil. However, Dave later dies from his injuries.

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