David Goddard (1st March 1925 - July 1992) was Emmerdale Farm's first producer, running from the first episode on 16th October 1972 until 16th January 1973. He was succeeded by executive producer Peter Holmans.

He oversaw the introduction of Annie, Joe and Jack Sugden, Matt and Peggy Skilbeck, Sam Pearson, Amos Brearly, Henry and Marian Wilks, Pat, Tom, Jackie, Sandie and Tommy Merrick, Janie Harker and Frank Blakey. He also oversaw the departures of Tom, Pat, Jackie, Sandie and Tommy Merrick as well as Marian Rosetti.

Major storylines included Jacob Sugden's funeral, Joe Sugden and Henry Wilks's car accident which left them in hospital for weeks, and Frank Blakey's marriage proposal to Janie Harker, which she accepted.

David had previously worked as a producer and director on various TV shows including Delta, Sherlock Holmes and Z Cars.

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