David Hughes is the ex-husband of Kate Sugden and father of Rachel and Mark Hughes. In March 1989, David turned up in Beckindale to cause trouble for his ex wife Kate and her fiancé Joe Sugden. The wedding still went ahead. Over the next couple of years, David often liked to cause trouble for Joe and Kate, and even meddled in his daughter Rachel's affair with Pete Whiteley. In April 1990, David held Joe and Kate at gunpoint, but was talked round. He then went on the run but returned in November 1990, and hid at The Mill. In the end, David made peace with Joe and gave himself up to the police.

In December 1993, Mark Hughes will killed in the plane crash but neither David nor Kate attended his funeral. David never attended his daughter's funeral in 1999 after she was killed.

Notable dialogueEdit

Final line: "Yeah, fine. It's a good idea."

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