David Reece is a friend of Penny Golightly. He arrived in Beckindale with Gwen Russell following an invite from Penny to stay at the Millhouse with her. David had an interest in art and had drawn several paintings. Nicholas Phelps, a local businessman was interested in David's paintings so he contacted Angus Seddon, an art critic, who came to Beckindale to see David's paintings, thinking David was talented. Upon arrival, Angus looked at the paintings and was highly critical of David's work. Angus regarded David as talentless, and Angus felt he had a wasted journey to Beckindale so quickly returned to London. Locals felt that Phelps had used David. Due to this disappointment, David considered moving on from Beckindale. In June, David celebrated his birthday at the mill before him and Gwen decided to return to Wales.

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