Dawn Woods (née Hope) arrives in Emmerdale as the fiancée of Terry Woods. It was revealed that she is Bob Hope's daughter but she had not seen much of him since he left her, her mother Jean, and brother, Jamie, when she was four-years-old. Bob was against the idea of Dawn marrying Terry because of their 27-year age gap, but she married him anyway in March 2003. They had a son together: Terry Junior, or "TJ" as he is usually known. Dawn and Terry split up after he suffered a stroke just after TJ was born. Unable to cope with a newborn baby and an ill husband at such a young age, Dawn ended their marriage.

Dawn then began a relationship with her stepbrother, Scott Windsor. They were happy for a while until he punched her by mistake whilst attacking Paddy Kirk. Dawn then began dating Danny Daggert, but broke up with him after she realised she wasn't ready to settle down. Scott took revenge on Dawn for rejecting him by reporting her for benefit fraud. Dawn had been taking odd jobs to better support TJ and was officially charged and served three of the six weeks imprisonment to which she was sentenced.

Discovering, on her release from prison, that Terry and her mother were now a couple, she demanded they end their relationship. They refused and Dawn took TJ to Cornwall on holiday. On her return, she told her family that she had met someone in Cornwall and planned to take TJ and move down there. Terry did not want her and TJ to go but she refused to listen. She allowed Terry to take TJ out for the day in July 2006, so she could pack her and TJ's belongings but Terry was late returning him, meaning she and TJ missed their flight. Wanting something to do, Dawn went with Marlon Dingle and his wife and her stepsister Donna Windsor-Dingle to view their new house, the King's River Show Home. But the house exploded, due to a gas leak, and although Dawn seemed fine when she was pulled from the rubble, she later died in hospital of internal injuries.

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