Dean was a security consultant Lawrence White hired in June 2017 to track down the man who called Hotten FM alleging Lawrence killed his brother. As a result of the phone call, Lawrence upgraded security around Home Farm which made his daughter Chrissie suspicious. When Lawrence left his phone lying around, Chrissie went through it and discovered Dean was the last person Lawrence called, so she texted him and arranged to meet. Whilst waiting on Dean to arrive, Chrissie researched his security firm and concluded they offered more services than the usual burglar alarms and CCTV systems. After taking a bundle of cash from Chrissie, Dean revealed Lawrence had hired him to track down a man named Tim Richards.

Dean managed to track Tim down and he and Lawrence paid him a visit at his flat. Lawrence offered Tim £20,000 to stay away from Chrissie but Tim refused as his brother John was Chrissie's biological father and Chrissie was the only family he had left. Dean ordered Lawrence to step into the hallway whilst he beat Tim into submission. Tim eventually agreed to stay away after threats of more violence if he refused.

After some strange going-ons at Home Farm, Lawrence's other daughter, Rebecca White, called Dean out to do a security check. Dean found the security system was fine although someone has switched off CCTV cameras.

In March 2018, Home Farm's new owner Joe Tate called Dean out as he noticed there was files missing from the kitchen CCTV camera. Dean checked over the system and discovered the kitchen camera had been temporarily disabled by someone who wasn't very good at covering their tracks as he appeared on the living room camera around the same time. Later that evening, Joe met with Dean on a secluded lane and asked to find out more information about the person on CCTV, ordering Dean to only report back to him as he was unsure who he could trust. A few days later, Dean reported back to Joe that the man on the CCTV camera was a drug dealer named Simon McManus. The following day, Joe and Dean paid Simon a visit. Joe was stunned when Simon admitted he threw acid over Ross Barton the previous month on Debbie Dingle's instruction and Joe was actually the intended victim. Dean interrupted Joe and Simon's conversation as he spotted what he believed to be an unmarked car staking the house out. Dean and Joe managed to hide in the cellar just as the police stormed the house and arrested Simon.

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