Dean Morris was an employee of the King family.

Dean first appears in 2004 and works primarily as their chauffeur. He was one of the most loyal and trusted King employees. He takes Carl King around Romania following his involvement in the accidental death of Paul Marsden, and is forced to lie to Tom, which upsets him, as Tom has helped him on numerous occasions. At one point, false rumours suggest he is having an affair with Charity Tate; a few weeks later, Tom dumps Charity as he believes she has slept with Cain Dingle, and as Dean drives him away from the wedding, Tom apologises for doubting him. Following Tom's death on Christmas Day 2006, Dean carries his coffin at the funeral along with Jimmy, Matthew and Carl. In January 2009, he is a pallbearer at Matthew's funeral, and at the wake talks to Lexi Nicholls about his loyalty to the Kings. The following day Dean brings some of Matthew's effects from the site office to Jimmy and Carl. When they see Rosemary King's name plate from her coffin, Dean reveals to them that Matthew had dug up her body and crushed it in a rubbish truck. In February 2009, he drives a van to Belgium, not knowing Jimmy and Nicola De Souza are in the back, having just slept together. The following month he attends Carl and Lexi's wedding.

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