Debbie Wilson visited Eric Pollard in April 1990 to ask for advice about starting up an antiques business. Eric found Debbie very attractive and accepted her invitation to look at properties for her shop in Hotten. Debbie told Eric about her late husband Barry and that she's ready to move on, before flirting with Eric. Debbie asks Eric to invest in her business, which he agrees. He invests £1500 in her business, and they celebrate. Eric begins angering auction bidders when he makes Debbie's bid final on some of the auctions, but Debbie continues to be charmed by him. Eric proposes to Debbie in May 1990, and Debbie accepts. She later asks Eric if she can borrow more money to take stock out of storage, and he agrees. However, Debbie flees with the money and Eric realises he has been conned.

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