Denis Rigg was born in about 1940. He wed Angela and they had two children, Benjamin and Jane. Denis became a businessman. He was ruthless and reckless, threatening villagers with evicition from their homes if they did not comply with him. Denis swanned into Beckindale in 1988. He became the new manager of Home Farm after NY Estates pulled out and planned to give the whole village an overhaul, by having half of it demolished to make way for a quarry. He looked onto Emmerdale Farm to expand his empire. Annie Sugden refused, saying she wanted to live out her days on the farm. He then tried to win over Henry Wilks but being a former businessman himself Henry told him he knew his type. One time in July 1989, Denis had a row with Annie's son Joe after he refused Denis's offer to buy the farm and make Joe rich. Joe was tending to his prize bull and the angry Denis upset the bull, which crushed Denis against a wall. Denis died writhing in agony on the floor.


First line: "A hundred thousand? Right."

Final line: "No, you get out of here. I'll get you to leave this land, whatever it takes.

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