Derek Benrose begun working for Jai Sharma at the Sharma sweets factory in Emmerdale in November 2010. He was quite chatty and friendly. He became friends with Lisa Dingle, a worker at the factory and her husband Zak Dingle. Derek did occasionally act a little bit sinister.

In January 2011, Derek and Lisa were working overtime alone at the factory. They had a cup of tea in the works kitchen. Derek made a pass at Lisa and Lisa brushed it off as being friendly but then Derek would not let go. He then locked the door and raped Lisa. Lisa was left reeling after the ordeal.

Lisa soon told Zak and Zak went after Derek. In May 2011, Derek was up on trial for raping another woman for which he was found guilty but was acquitted of raping Lisa due to lack of evidence. This left the Dingles distraught.

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