DI Derek Spalding investigated the horse theft at Home Farm stables and the hit-and-run on Kathy Glover in September 1998. He arrested Steve Marchant for both the theft and hit-and-run in October, and Steve's wife Kim in November when Steve implicated her. Spalding later investigated the disappearance of Chris Tate in September 1999, and goes to arrest Liam Hammond. But Liam was fatally shot and Spalding began investigating his murder, suspecting one of the Tates. The Tates said it was an accident. Spalding kept a watchful eye on Liam's funeral, and after the funeral, he confronted Chris and his sister Zoe, wanting to know what really happened in the cellar. Spalding thought Liam was another long lost relative with an axe to grind, hence why he thought Zoe killed him. Chris said that he will never know. Spalding told Zoe he hoped she lived with herself for what she did, before leaving. Spalding failed to get any evidence and therefore made no arrests, allowing Zoe to get away scot-free.

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