Dolores Sharp was a schoolfriend of Luke McAllister. Dolores and Luke first met in March 1994, when he saved her from bullies. Dolores introduces Luke to her boyfriend, Biff Fowler, and Luke, Biff, Luke and Luke's sister Jess form a friend group.

In October 1994, Luke and Dolores are involved in a motorcycle accident. Luke swerved to avoid an oncoming car and the pair ending up crashing through a fence. Dolores wasn't too badly injured, but Luke was knocked unconscious.

Dolores was a bridesmaid to Luke and Tina Dingle's wedding in July 1995. However, Tina jilted Luke at the altar, revealing that she was getting revenge for her brother Ben. Luke dies in a van explosion in August, and Dolores last appears in the village in November.

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