Dominic 'Dom' Andrews is the father of Gemma Andrews.


Immediately upon his arrival Dom has a one-night stand with Debbie Dingle, but she is using him for information on his boss Pete, who does regular drugs runs. Dom's daughter Gemma discovers she is pregnant, after having sex with Sean Spencer. Gemma is not happy when her father begins dating Alicia Metcalfe. Gemma tells Dom that she is not feeling well and he allows her to stay off school. While looking through the rubbish, Dom discovers a pregnancy test and rages at Gemma. The argument spills into the street, but Alicia claims the pregnancy test belongs to her. Alicia and Gemma go off to talk. When they return, Gemma runs upstairs, while Dom confronts Alicia and ends their relationship. Gemma later reveals to Dom that she is pregnant. Dom supports Gemma when she chooses to have an abortion. Belle Dingle decides to get her own back on Gemma for having sex with Sean and writes about her abortion on a school whiteboard, causing a fight. Dom goes round to the Dingles' cottage and vows that he is not going to rest until Belle is expelled from the school.

Gemma and Belle then have a huge argument and during a struggle, Gemma falls backwards and hits her head on a rock. Gemma then died from her injuries. Dom was really angry with Belle. In the end, Dom realised it was an accident. At Belle's trial, Dom vouched for her in court to help her get a lighter sentence. Belle got 3 years for manslaughter. Dom then decided he had nothing left for him to stay in the village and rode off on his motorbike after saying goodbye to Belle's father Zak Dingle.


"Bernice Blackstock?" (first line)

"She'll be back home before you know it, you'll be okay, I know you will." (final line)

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