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Dotty Thomas is the daughter of Laurel and Ashley Thomas, the younger sister of Arthur Thomas and half-sister of Gabby Thomas. She was named after Ashley's deceased mother Dorothy Thomas.


2016-: Birth and early life

Recovering alcoholic, Laurel discovered she was pregnant in January 2016, only weeks after she reunited with her former husband, and dementia sufferer Ashley. Laurel initially considered a termination, fearing the stress of a baby on top of dealing with Ashley's dementia, would drive her to drink again. After struggling to come to a decision on the fate of her baby, Laurel feared the choice would be taken out of her hands, after she began bleeding and thought she was suffering a miscarriage. Due to Laurel being in the early stages of pregnancy, the couple faced an anxious wait to see if their baby would survive. They were both relieved when a scan confirmed their baby was healthy.

Laurel and Ashley were delighted to learn they were having a little girl, and on 2nd September 2016 they welcomed their daughter Dotty into the world. Dotty was delivered at Mulberry Cottage, by Ashley, when Laurel's waters broke after was sent home from hospital after being told she wasn't in labour.

When Dotty was seven months old, Ashley passed away.


"Daddy!" (first line, to Bob Hope)

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