Doug Hamilton is a businessman who had business dealings with the Tate family over a golf course. On his visit to the village, Doug met Kathy Glover but ended up scaring her niece Alice Bates with his dog. Doug visits Kathy the next day and offers to take her out to dinner to apologise. The Tates are forced to accept Doug's below par offer for the golf course, and Kim Tate is unimpressed when she and Doug bump into each other at casino with Kathy on his arm. Doug and Kathy go on their first date in October 1997, with Kathy leaving Alice with her friend Rachel Hughes. However, whilst returning from their date, they are horrified to come across a car crashed into tree, with Kathy's best friend Biff Fowler with a severely injured Linda Fowler inside the car. Doug turns up at Kathy's unannounced a few days later and invites her away on a business trip with him.

When Doug returns from a holiday with his wife in November 1997, Kathy and Doug try to reignite their affair. However, they are interrupted with a phone call where Doug is told that his son has appendicitis. To make up for this, Doug pays to have Kathy's cottage redecorated, something that initially doesn't go down well with her. Kathy finds a photo of a woman in a dress Doug recently bought for Kathy, which proves a hard knock in their relationship. Doug tries to make up for disallowing Kathy to attend the golf club opening by whisking her and Kathy on a magical sleigh ride, but fails to reconcile the pair.

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