Dr. Jacobs was a doctor who looked after a pregnant Sarah Oswell when she lodged with her husband Ray at Emmerdale Farm in August 1977, when their cottage was destroyed by lightning.

Dr. Jacobs visited Emmerdale Farm again in March 1979 when Kitty Ferris was injured after hitting her head on the steering wheel after crashing the tractor. He told Joe Sugden that she would be fine but they would like to keep her under observation for 24 hours. In June 1979, Dr. Jacobs informed Dolly Skilbeck via telephone that he'd managed to book her a last minute appointment with a specialist.

Dr. Jacobs visited Dolly again off-screen January 1980 after she was feeling under the weather. Dr. Jacobs admitted Dolly to hospital as she had contracted a virus.

Dr. Jacobs was called in February 1981 when Enoch Tolly was seriously injured in a tractor accident. Unfortunately, Dr. Jacobs was unable to save Enoch, who died from his injuries.

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