Dr Scott is a doctor from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health team who talked to Belle Dingle in January 2015. Belle admitted to Dr Scott that her deceased friend Gemma was talking to her. Dr Scott gave Belle risperidone, and informed Belle's worried parents Zak and Lisa that it would take a while to get the right dosage. He explained that they needed to get Belle calm enough so they could get her to the CAMHS centre, where she could start a course of regular treatments. Before he left, Dr Scott advised Zak and Lisa to ensure Belle took her medication, and asked them to keep an eye on Belle's symptoms.

Over a year and a half later in September 2016, Dr Scott assessed Belle again when she had a relapse after she stopped taking her medication whilst faking a pregnancy. This time Belle was tormented by a pregnant girl named Ellie and was hearing other voices. She told Dr Scott she'd had enough and begged him to make the voices go away. Belle also asked for Lisa to be kept away, convinced her mother was trying to kill her.

Dr Scott informed Zak, Lisa, and Belle's boyfriend Jermaine Bailey that Belle was going to be sectioned for up to six months, although she could be out sooner if she respond to treatment. Later, Dr Scott told Zak and Lisa that Belle would be moved down to a facility in Surrey where there was a bed for her.

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