Duncan was a wine rep that accidentally left too many boxes of wine at David's Shop in January 2016. Carly Hope persuaded shop owner David Metcalfe not to report the mistake and have a wine tasting night instead. Duncan turned up during the wine tasting later that evening and discovered they were selling the wine he left behind by mistake. Duncan agreed to drop the issue if Tracy Shankley went on a date with him.

Duncan took Tracy for lunch at The Grange, where she worked. Tracy persuaded colleague Finn Barton to pretend she was his boss. Tracy refused to sleep with Duncan on the first date, and he scarpered. In the pub, Duncan had a drink with Carly and they agreed to go on a date and Tracy realised she had a lucky escape.

Whilst in the pub toilet during he and Carly's date, Finn spotted Duncan's wedding ring. Finn told Carly and Tracy about Duncan being married. Carly was furious and Finn explained Duncan only did a runner from Tracy as she refused to sleep with him. Carly and Tracy took Duncan's van keys and stole six crates of wine. Duncan was furious but Carly and Tracy threatened to tell his wife.

The following month, Tracy blackmailed Duncan into giving them more wine, at half price, for another wine tasting night. Duncan delivered a more expensive wine which David's dad Eric Pollard recognised as a better wine than was promised. Eric served the wine at the wine tasting night at his B&B, The Grange, but during the event two Trading Standards agents turned up. The trading standards agents discovered that the wine was in fact only 40% wine. Eric pleads with Duncan to tell trading standards that they had no idea what they were receiving but Duncan refuses and revealed he had given them the dodgy wine in revenge for blackmailing him, and now they have no leverage as he had found his wife had been having an affair with her personal trainer.

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