Ed Roberts arrives in Emmerdale with a broken down minibus and takes it to Aaron Livesy to fix. However, when Aaron becomes involved in an argument with Adam Barton, Ed leaves. He later returns with his rugby teammates and Aaron fixes the minibus, but Ed drives off without paying all of the bill. Ed comes back to the village to give Aaron the rest of the money for the work on the minibus and he invites him to a party. Ed brings his car to the garage for Aaron to look at and he later gives him his number. Aaron arranges to go for a drink with Ed, but he cancels to help Adam fix a roof. Ed finds out what Aaron is doing and he and two of his teammates come to help. Holly Barton flirts with Ed and he reveals he is gay. Ed mistakes Aaron and Adam's friendship for something more, but Aaron corrects him and they kiss. Aaron and Ed go on their first date to Bar West, but Ed leaves early when the barman tells him that Aaron helped his previous boyfriend, Jackson to die. Aaron becomes angry with Ed, but he later calls him and they meet up. Aaron and Ed talk and Aaron reveals his scars from self-harming. Ed is not fazed and they spend the night together. Ed later tells Aaron that he has been signed for a French rugby club and is leaving for France in four weeks. He asks Aaron to come with him and he agrees.

By 2014, Aaron and Ed have split up, but they are still on good enough terms to where Ed agrees to let Aaron visit and stay with him in January 2016 but Aaron's plans change when he ends up in hospital after he collapses.

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  • Ed appeared with Aaron in five web-only videos after leaving the show, based on their new life in France.

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