Edith Weatherall was an elderly lady Tricia Stokes befriended in 2002.

Tricia befriended Edith in 2002, and Tricia and her fiance Marlon Dingle renovated her house. Marlon and Tricia invited her to stay with them until her house was finished. Edith eventually moved back into her cottage and Tricia and Marlon were upset to discover that Edith had died the next day.

Marlon and Tricia were shocked to find that Edith left them most of her belongings and her house in her will. They meet Edith's sister, Elsie, at Edith's funeral and discover that the cottage Edith left them was actually Elsie's! Builders Jerry Mackinley and Syd Woolfe charged them far over the estimate for the work done at Edith's, which Marlon and Tricia were unable to afford. Marlon and Tricia tried to convince Elsie to pay for the work but this was unsuccessful.

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